Media Presenters


Network Controllable Media Player
  • Operates on standard 10/100Mb Ethernet networks
  • IP, GPI, Keyboard and jog shuttle control
  • Support multiple playlists
  • Excellent image quality up to 1080p60
  • Supports mp4, .h264, .mkv, .mov,.ts
  • IP control supports play next clip, play all clips, loop play all clips, pause, resume and seek

Product Description

The Datavideo NVP-20 is a fully automated remote control H264 video player. The NVP-20 can use any USB storage device as its media source; Video files can then be added to the media player by physically copying them to the USB device or can be transferred over the network using FTP.

Using the feature rich web interface the user can create and load playlists as well as remotely controlling video playback. With the addition of a USB keyboard and mouse the NVP-20s on screen display means the unit can be used completely standalone without IP control.

Video playback can also be controlled via GPI and the Contour shuttle express jog wheel.